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    *diana ross starts playing* what the fuck??? nightcore vaporwave!

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  4. To Mixed People



    • To mixed people who only look like one of their races
    • To mixed people who look ‘ambiguous’ ‘exotic’ ‘unique’ and get both fetishized and treated badly for it
    • To mixed people whose identities are ‘too confusing’
    • To mixed people whose identities get ignored
    • To mixed people whose identities are questioned
    • To mixed people who are told ‘they aren’t really ___’
    • To mixed people who have mixed hair and mixed skin and can’t find cosmetic care products for themselves
    • To mixed people who are victims of multiple types of racism 
    • To mixed people who can’t fit in with the parts of their family
    • To mixed people who only have connections to one of their races
    • To mixed people who are too ‘___’ or not ‘___’ enough
    • To mixed people who aren’t white, but can pass for white.
    • To white mixed people who are white passing, and have to decide between having their identity erased or having to deal with more racism
    • To white mixed people who aren’t white passing, and don’t get the choice.
    • To white mixed people who aren’t white passing, but their siblings are
    • To mixed people who have to deal with prejudice from their own family, white or not. (anti-blackness, fetishism, colorism)
    • To transracial adopted mixed people who have never known any of their family
    • To mixed people who have to figure out their identities by themselves

    To mixed people who have to deal with so much shit. You are strong, you are beautiful, and you are valid.

    For mixed people everywhere, stand in solidarity with each other. While we have similar experiences, not everyone has the same experience, or relationship with their race. Be aware of whatever privileges you have. Listen to others and always help one another.

    - To mixed people who aren’t white
    - To mixed people who are tired of mixed-with-white people tears
    - To mixed people who are tired of posts like this that completely ignore or erase their experiences when trying so hard to be !INCLUSIVE!
    - To mixed people who hate how “mixed” has come to mean “POC-white” when so many of us are mixed POC-POC
    - To mixed people who are Black and/or dark skinned and never get read as mixed or believed to be mixed
    - To mixed people who are told their lack of darkness/Blackness is prettier, more desirable, ~exotic~, etc
    - To mixed people who don’t want to be in solidarity with mixed-with-white folks cuz they like to centralize themselves in every fucking thing
    - To mixed people who are desperate for their mixed narrative to be present and visible
    - To mixed people who stay out of mixed people conversations because there’s never room made for them to speak or be respected

    I care for you & i’m here for you. i’m making room for you.

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  5. crystallizations:

    Prada, 2001.

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    I am in love with Eartha Kitt!
    We miss you.

    she lived.

    God I love her

    you can see how technically skilled she was

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    Mariette Valsan as ENCHANTRESS

    model : mariette valsan
    make up & hair : Chetan Karkhanis
    styling : sushant panchal & Mehak Mina
    concept & photography : sushant panchal
    assistant photographer : Parija Shinde & Priyanka Kirve
    jewellery : sia jewellery

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    Yeah just drop me off right here this is good

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    The dap, the fist bump, the black power handshake. It goes by many names and carries many meanings. Photographer LaMont Hamilton is devoting his research fellowship with us to unearthing stories about the dap for his project Five on the Black Hand Side.

    Read about the dap’s history and evolution on Talk Story: http://bit.ly/1odnKKM.

    they called the “terrorist fist jab” on fox

    The dap originated during the late 1960s among black G.I.s stationed in the Pacific during the Vietnam War. At a time when the Black Power movement was burgeoning, racial unrest was prominent in American cities, and draft reforms sent tens of thousands of young African Americans into combat, the dap became an important symbol of unity and survival in a racially turbulent atmosphere. Scholars on the Vietnam War and black Vietnam vets alike note that the dap derived from a pact black soldiers took in order to convey their commitment to looking after one another. Several unfortunate cases of black soldiers reportedly being shot by white soldiers during combat served as the impetus behind this physical act of solidarity.

    Such events, combined with the racism and segregation faced by black G.I.s, created a pressing need for an act and symbol of unity. The dap, an acronym for “dignity and pride” whose movements translate to “I’m not above you, you’re not above me, we’re side by side, we’re together,” provided just this symbol of solidarity and served as a substitute for the Black Power salute prohibited by the military.

    White soldiers and commanding officers deemed the handshake a threat under the misconception that the dap was a coded language of potential black insurrection. In fact the dap was also a coded form of communication between soldiers that conveyed necessary information for survival, such as what to expect at the battlefront or what had transpired during an operation. The dap was banned at all levels of the military, and thus many black soldiers were court-martialed, jailed, and even dishonorably discharged as a punishment for dapping. Military repression of the dap further cemented a desire for a symbol of solidarity and protection among black men.

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    2. me when new stills of season 5: is that doran martell